Tadka Masala – 5 Ways to Add Zing to Boring Dal

With continuous consumption, a food item often gets boring. One of the daily items found in Indian food is dal, which after eating it non-stop, gets quite boring unless people can add some zing to it. It is why people get tadka masala to give their dal an exquisite flavour.

Tadka masala contains several ingredients such as clove, Kashmiri Mirch, black pepper, ginger powder, cumin, mace, Kasuri Methi, and more. All these ingredients are mixed to form tadka masala that can give any dal a zing it needs. However, everyone can’t create this at home, so you can always purchase Sunrise Tadka Masala, which is as good as a homemade concoction.

5 ways to add zing to simple dal

There are numerous approaches to making a lentil dish filled with flavour and aroma. An individual should know a few of those so that they can experience interesting dal for regular consumption. You can use different items to create an interesting dal dish.

1. Dal Tadka – Add Tadka Masala

One of the most popular dishes in India is dal tadka. It is often served in restaurants throughout the country and created using a combination of different dals and many other items. A stovetop is used if it is made in a restaurant; people can make it at home using an instant pot.

Lentils used for dal tadka include moong dal or arhar dal, also known as tuvar or split-pigeon lentils. Along with different lentils, people need to ensure using green chillies, onion, tomatoes, etc. For the extra zing to make your boring dal come back to life, you need to use Sunrise Tadka Masala Powder.

2. Dal Makhani – Add whole spices and smoky flavour

Another way to eliminate boring dal from your diet is by cooking dal makhani. It is a flavourful, rich and creamy lentil dish made using mild spices and black lentils. One of the best aspects of this dish is that people can consume it with steamed rice and Indian bread. Adding whole spice is what makes this dish even taste better, along with tadka masala.

Moreover, other aspects include the usage of cream and butter. In addition, slow cooking gives it an authentic taste. Also, a person can use smoked paprika or charcoal technique smoke to give your dal a smoky flavour that intensifies the taste. Lastly, also use tomato puree for a mouth-watering aroma and taste.

3. Cholar Dal – Prepare with coconut and Tadka Masala

Chola or chanar dal is a dish that is well-known in the Indian community. It is a traditional Bengali dal that can be prepared Cholar dal (Bengal gram); people often choose to prepare it with coconuts, tadka masala, and more items to add zing to this dish. Though this can be eaten with steamed rice, it tastes better if paired with luchi (small Indian bread).

This lentil dish is made thick, unlike other lentil recipes. Another essential item to ensure it gets that authentic taste is to add a powdered form of spices. Other things, which some individuals add to make this dish interesting are cashew nuts and raisins. Lastly, adding tadka masala will give you the zing you want in your boring dish!

4. Dal Amritsari – Make it a day before for better taste

If you are tired of having the same dal every day, it’s time for you to try dal Amritsari. It is quite a popular dish in roadside eateries (Dhabas) in Amritsar. People also know this as langarwali dal. It is made using two types of lentils; one is split Bengal gram and whole black gram.

This dish offers a rustic and simple taste and a sweet flavour that sticks to one’s tongue even after eating it. Most people prepare it a day before as it tastes even better when eaten the next day. Mint leaves as garnishing and butter on it when served make this lentil dish taste simple yet amazing.

5. Masoor Dal – Add Tadka Masala

Masoor dal is quite common among Indian households. Thus, it might become boring quickly, which is why you need to add certain items to it for making it interesting. The ingredients used in this dal is simple, and every household has them. This dal has a simple flavour, which is why it can become boring to people.

Therefore, adding spices like cumin, mace, garlic, chilli powder, etc., is a must, or you can pour some Sunrise Tadka Masala and quickly prepare it without any problem. Try this tadka masala in masoor dal, and you can’t forget its delicious flavour.

Never let your lentil dish be boring again. Follow the approaches mentioned above, and you will have a new dal dish to taste daily. Remember to add Sunrise Tadka Masala Powder to increase aroma and taste, irrespective of what lentil dish you prepare!