Bengali Style Aloo Dum to Tantalize your Taste Buds

Aloo Dum is an integral part of Indian cuisine!

Aloo Dum is one of the authentic dishes of Indian cuisine. It represents the vegetarian menu of the culinary arts. There are more than a hundred recipes recorded to make Aloo Dum. While the different regions of India have different styles of Aloo Dum to offer, the taste never fails to impress people. The majority of people love to consume Dum Aloo with chapati or parathas. However, many Indian folks prefer rice with this dish.

Different styles of Aloo Dum

The Dum Aloo recipe originated in the valley of Kashmir. However, every state of India has its version of Dum Aloo. Bengali style Aloo Dum is quite different and unique in taste. Bengalis have a patent breakfast comprising Aloo Dum and puris, famously said as “luchi” in the bong language. Honestly, unlike in other Indian demography, Bengalis mostly don’t consider Aloo Dum as the main course. This is mostly due to their different food habits that make all the differences. The Bengali style Aloo Dum is often made without onion and garlic as they mostly consume Aloo Dum on the days of fasting and veg-days.

Bengalis’ love for baby potatoes is immense. They conjure up images of this delectable Bengali Dum Aloo, also known as Niramish Aloor Dum. This is a traditional ‘No Onion, No Garlic’ recipe that goes perfectly with the Green Peas Kachori. You can also try it with Dal Puri or pieces of “sada-luchi”.

The delight of a pinch of Sunrise Aloo Dum Masala in your recipe

Sunrise is a famous brand that has now become a mandated kitchen partner of housewives or cooks. There are a series of Masalas introduced by Sunrise to help you cook both veg and nonveg delicacies easily within the blink of time. Sunrise Aloo Dum Masala has a distinct flavour that can be enjoyed for a prolonged duration. Cumin, coriander, turmeric, red pepper, and Mughal garam masala are among the spices in Aloo Dum Masala Garam Masala.

An exotic combination of Sunrise Aloo Dum Masala and your recipe can bring out the tantalizing taste, satisfying the consumers.  Let’s check out how to use Sunrise Aloo Dum Masala to create your recipe for Aloo Dum.

The Bengali style Niramish Aloo Dum recipe

Here we would briefly discuss a quick and flavourful Bengali style veg Aloo Dum that you can make at your house on the days of fasts while using Sunrise Aloo Dum Masala.

  • Choose baby potatoes or moderately sized potatoes and wash them properly.
  • Also, you can use large-sized potatoes but then cut those potatoes into two halves.
  • Boil the baby potatoes and keep them separate. Do not peel the potatoes before the large size becomes too soft. Peeling becomes easy after boiling. For large ones, cut them into halves after boiling.
  • Add oil to the pan as per the measurement (2 spoons approximately for 250gms of potatoes)
  • Add bay leaf once the oil is heated along with a few pieces of cinnamon flakes and cardamom.
  • Churn the mixture well till you get a light red tinge. You can also figure out the aroma that comes out of the blaze.
  • Add chopped or pasted tomatoes to the pan and stir well.
  • You can add a small amount of ginger by mashing it into the pan for the essence.
  • Now when the tomato puree has turned golden brown, add the boiled potatoes and mix them well.
  • You can now add salt and little sugar as per your taste preference. Most Bong recipes comprise sugar, not only for sweet taste but for the savoury colour of the gravy.
  • Add half a cup of water to the mixture and allow the flame to be fixed for a few minutes. You can cover the pan with a lid to save time.
  • After a few minutes, open the lid and stir the picture well. The entire look of the gravy must have changed now and looked more sumptuous.
  • You should taste the gravy to check if all the proportions were right. Add the ingredient as per the need and leave it for another few minutes.
  • You can add yogurt in a small quantity to bring a twist to the same old preparation.
  • The use of poppy seed paste is also very common among Bong Aloo Dum which brings a different zest.
  • Now almost your Aloo Dum is almost ready. Keep the gravy as your preference. However, it is best served when a little thick as it is then best suitable with Kachoris.
  • Don’t forget to add a pinch of Sunrise Aloo Dum Masala on top of the preparation as it is incomplete without it.
  • Finally, your Bengali-style Aloo Dum is all ready to be served with hot Green Peas Kachoris.

The Aloo Dum recipe shared above will also be a great fit with Veg Pulao or Basanti Pulao. Sunrise Aloo Dum Masala is a one-stop solution for you as it allows quick cooking without compromising the taste. This mentioned recipe will approximately take twenty minutes to half an hour. You can also use coriander leaves for garnishing the preparation.