Prepare sumptuous Curry with Sabji Masala Powder

Curry was invented in India centuries ago. Curry is a dish that has a sauce with different spices and the main ingredients of curry can be different things. You can make it with different types of meats, vegetables, fish or seafood. It is not only a dish of India but an important part of Southeast Asian cuisine. However, in different parts and continents, curry takes a different turn. The flavour of curry can change with region and continent. Most people of India are vegetarian. So, curry made with vegetables is an important part of Indian cuisine.

Vegetable curry or sabji is flavourful and full of nutrition. We all need to eat vegetables to eat a balanced meal every single day. Most of us think that vegetables are not tasty enough. However, health-conscious people still eat it because of their health. Also, if you are a vegetarian, it is an important part of your everyday meal. If you want to make your sabji interesting then you should use Sunrise Sabji Masala Powder. If you are not sure how to make perfect sabji for every day then you can follow our article carefully. Here, we will discuss how you can make sumptuous curry with vegetables. Now, let’s look at the recipe for vegetable curry.

Prepare sumptuous Curry with Sabji Masala Powder

You can make vegetable curry in various ways. Here, we will discuss the easiest method of it. You can always be free to innovate this recipe a little bit according to your preference. We all know that making curry is not an easy thing. It requires a lot of preparation. However, you can make it easily with Sunrise Sabji Masala Powder. Sunrise sabji masala has the perfect blend of spices. It is enough to make your daily vegetable curry interesting and flavourful.

At first, cut your vegetables into medium size pieces. You can use any vegetable you want for the curry. For example, cauliflower, potato, okra, brinjal, bottle gourd, pumpkin, carrot, tomatoes, peas, beans, capsicum, etc. You should choose seasonal vegetables to get the best taste. On the other side, chop onion, ginger, chilli and garlic. If you are a strict vegetarian then skip onion and garlic and make a paste of ginger and chilli. Now, bring your pan to heat and add any oil you prefer.

Once the oil is hot, add onion and garlic if using. Fry them until translucent. Now, add the paste of ginger and chilli along with Sunrise Sabji Masala Powder. Cook it for a few minutes. You can add a few drops of water if required. Now, add all the vegetables you are using along with salt according to your taste. Fry all the vegetables well in the masala so that it can absorb all aromas of Sunrise Sabji Masala Powder. Now, it’s time to add water according to your need. Cover the dish and let the vegetables cook for a few minutes. Uncover the lid and your perfect and delicious vegetable curry is ready to serve with roti or rice.

The bottom line

Sunrise Sabji Masala Powder is perfect for you if you want to prepare your vegetable curry quickly without getting worried about taste. It has a perfect ratio of every spice. Also, sunrise has added an unusual and exotic spice like nutmeg into Sunrise Sabji Masala Powder. It makes the dish more delicious and people will surely ask you about your secret sabji masala. We hope our article will help you to make your perfect sabji or vegetable curry easily at home.