7 Awesome Ways Kasuri Methi Makes Your Food Tastier


Fenugreek or Methi is an integral part of Indian cuisine. Kasuri Methi is simply dried leaves of fenugreek. Fenugreek is a plant of the Fabaceae family and its scientific name is Trigonellafoenumgraecum. We mainly use the seeds of this plant as a spice which is known as methi. Seeds of fenugreek are bitter with an aniseed aroma. People also prepare the leaves of fenugreek as vegetables. However, as a spice dried fenugreek leaves can bring a very aromatic flavour to any dish. Ayurveda also proved that fenugreek has many medicinal properties.

India is the major country which produces 80 per cent of worldwide fenugreek. To be precise, it is mainly cultivated in Rajasthan. Young leaves of fenugreek can be used as microgreens too. Here, we will mention 7 ways in which you can use Sunrise Kasuri Methi to make your dishes tastier.

7 ways of using Sunrise Kasuri Methi

You can use Sunrise Kasuri Methi or dried fenugreek leaves in multiple ways. Here, we will mention only 7 ways. However, you can use it according to your preference.

  1. Kasuri methi as a vegetable – As we have mentioned, it can be used can a vegetable too but for that, you will need fresh leaves of fenugreek. You can easily cultivate fenugreek at home and use fresh leaf.
  2. Kasuri methi as salad leaves or microgreens – You can use baby leaves of fenugreek as microgreens or salad leaves. It has a bittersweet taste with mild pungency. It can make your salad taste better. You can also add microgreens of fenugreek in a fruit salad to get a different taste. Fenugreek leaves have a distinctive smell of maple syrup which makes them more unique as a herb. This smell is responsible for the sweet smell of Sunrise Kasuri methi. It has a natural chemical named Sotolon which gives Kasuri methi its unique smell.
  3. Sunrise Kasuri methi as phoron or tadka You can temper or flavour oils using Sunrise Kasuti Methi. It will leave a subtle flavour in your dish.
  4. Sunrise Kasuri methi as a herb Kasuri methi or fenugreek leaves is a herb. So, you can use it as a herb in many dishes.
  5. Make flatbread of Sunrise Kasuri methi Instead of alooparatha, make paratha using Sunrise Kasuri methi.
  6. An important ingredient of butter chicken – Kasuri methi is an important ingredient of butter chicken. Butter chicken gets its well-known flavour and aroma with the help of Kasuri methi.
  7. Make your dal taste better – Dal makhana or dal tadka, Sunrise Kasuri methi can make both tastes and smell better.

Benefits of Sunrise Kasuri methi

Sunrise Kasuri methi is indeed a spice. However, due to its health benefits, it can be used for different purposes too. Sunrise Kasuri Methi is loaded with anti-oxidant properties. Anti-oxidants are known to fight free radicals which can create cancer. It can also boost immunity. It helps to improve your digestion. Rotis or parathas made with Sunrise Kasuri methi can regulate the function of your stomach. Methi or fenugreek is famous among diabetic patients as it has many anti-diabetic properties.

You can manage your sugar level by consuming Kasuri methi on daily basis. It helps you to keep your blood sugar stable. If you are on a diet and want to remove fat then Kasuri methi can be a good choice. It can reduce the amount of serum lipid. It is also beneficial for your health. If you have digestion problems or ulcers then consuming Sunrise Kasuri methi daily can help you a lot. Just add a few teaspoons of Sunrise Kasuri methi to your dish. You will be able to enjoy all those flavours along with health benefits.

Parting thoughts

These are the 7 best ways to use Sunrise Kasuri methi. It is perfect for any dish because it has a little pungency along with a beautiful aroma. Sunrise choose only the best quality fenugreek leaves to dry and make Sunrise Kasuri Methi. Sunrise Kasuri methi is organic and free from any harmful substance. Sunrise use only best-handpicked leaves and dries them hygienically to make Sunrise Kasuri Methi. It has best flavours and can enhance the taste of any dish. You can also use it for tadka or phoron to temper and flavour the oil. Sunrise has promised to relieve your extra work. Now, you can get rid of the pan-roasting technic of fenugreek leaves and use readymade Sunrise Kasuri methi to make your dishes aromatic.