Explore the true taste of Sunrise Tadka Masala Powder

Dal is one of the most important ingredients of Indian or South Asian cuisine. It is a regular food of people and a massive source of protein. Dal is inexpensive but very nutritious. So, people consume it every day with Roti or rice. There are different kinds of dal or lentils available. According to South Asians, peas and beans also fall into the category of dal. It is most famous in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, etc. As dal is a regular food for them, they cook it using various methods. Tadka dal is one of the famous recipes, which is famous in Bengal and Bihar. It is made with black lentils and spices.

People cook different recipes of dal in different regions of India. Mostly, people make a soup or semi soup out of it to eat it with roti or rice. Dal makhana, dal Bukhara and dal tadka are the three most famous recipes with dal. However, each recipe uses different types of dals. People also make different types of dishes with dal. For example, khichdi, fried lentils, different types of vadas with dal, dhokla, papad, etc. Here, we will specifically discuss Tadka dal. It is easy to make especially with Sunrise Tadka Masala Powder. You can serve it with roti or rice anything. If you don’t know how to make tadka then follow our article carefully. Here, we will discuss how you can make tadka easily with Sunrise Tadka Masala Powder.

How to make Tadka with Sunrise Tadka Masala Powder?

At first, wash and soak black or green lentils in clean water. Meanwhile, chop onion, tomatoes, ginger and garlic. Bring dal to boil until it is half cooked. Now, heat your pan and add mustard oil to it. Fry eggs, scramble them and set them aside. Now, add garlic and onion to the same oil and fry until fragrant. Add ginger, tomatoes, Sunrise Tadka Masala Powder with a little bit of water. Cook all the things until the oil is separated. Add cooked lentils, salt and turmeric according to your taste. Let the dal boil for a couple of minutes. Add scrambled egg and fresh coriander leaves before turning off the heat. Serve it hot with roti or plain rice.

Final thoughts

Dal tadka is perfect for your taste buds if you want to try something tasty along with healthy properties. Tadka is purely made of black lentils or whole green lentils. So, it has a lot of protein in it. If you have sudden guests at your home then you can prepare this easily with Sunrise Tadka Masala Powder and serve with roti or rice anything. Just add a green chutney and sliced onions on the side to compliment your whole dish. We hope our guide will help you to make perfect tadka with the help of Sunrise Tadka Masala Powder.