Delectable & Lavish Fish Curry with Macher Jhol Masala Powder

Curry was invented in India centuries ago. It is not only a dish of India but an important part of Southeast Asian cuisine. However, in different parts and continents, curry takes a different turn. Curries are nothing but the combination of different spices and meats, vegetables, fishes or seafood. Here, we will talk about the Bengali fish curry or macherjhol. It is a part of the regular meal for Bengalis. It is nothing but fish curry or stew made with Bengali flavours. If you are a fish lover then you should try this fish curry at least once. This is an important part of the Bengali delicacy. So, if you want to try Bengali cuisine then you must try major jhol or Bengali fish curry with rice.

Fish is a very important part of Bengali cuisine. It is their regular source of protein. So, it is natural for them to have different types of fish dishes. Macherjhol is more like a fish stew than fish curry. It has a nice light and fragrant broth. Along with fish, sometimes they add vegetables to it. Potato is one of the well-known vegetables that they add in macherjhol. However, it could be some seasonal vegetables too. For example, cauliflower in winter, bottle gourd in summer, etc. You can make traditional Bengali macherjhol easily with Sunrise MacherJhol Masala Powder. Follow our recipe below to know more about it.

How to make Macherjhol or fish curry with Sunrise Macherjhol masala powder?

Here, we will discuss the easiest recipe of macherjhol. Earlier, it was difficult as you will need to prepare all the spices individually. Now, sunrise has made a perfect blend of those spices. So, you can just buy it and use it instantly.

To make Bengali fish curry or macherjhol first wash the pieces of fish. Now, marinate fish with salt and turmeric for a few minutes. On the other hand, prepare your vegetables. Potato is a must for Bengali fish curry. You can also add other vegetables like cauliflower, brinjal, etc. Cut your vegetables into small pieces. Bring the pan to heat and add mustard oil. Mustard oil is very important for this dish. Once the oil is hot add fish and fries until golden. Now, set the fishes aside and add whole cumin in oil. Add vegetables into the pan and fry them. After that, add ginger paste, coriander, salt, turmeric and Sunrise Macherjhol masala powder. Mix all the things well and cook them for a few minutes. If the oil is separated then add water and bring it to a boil. Let it boil for at least 15 minutes or until vegetables are cooked properly. Now, add fish carefully and let it boil for couple more minutes. You can add fresh coriander leaves before turning off the flame for extra flavour.

Different types of fish curry

There are different types of fish curries available in India. If you want to try different fish curries then you can go for Kerala fish curry or Goa fish curry. Both of them are equally tasty with piping hot rice.

Ingredients of Sunrise Macherjhol masala powder

Sunrise Macherjhol masala powder is made with the best spices. These spices are combined into perfect ratios to bring out the authentic Bengali flavour easily. Moreover, all these spices are specially chosen and untouched by hand. So, you can expect the best level of hygiene from any Sunrise masala.

Cumin – Cumin has an earthy flavour. Cumin is the must-have spice for Bengali fish curry or macherjhol. Sunrise has chosen the best quality cumin and blended it into a powder to provide you best flavour.

Ginger – Ginger is another important ingredient of Macher Jhol. Ginger is very versatile and adds delicious flavor to food.

Black pepper – Black pepper is important for seasoning your food. Moreover, black pepper has a subtle aroma that adds taste to your dish.

Red chilli – Curries are nothing without a touch of spiciness. As with any other Indian dish, chilli is important for Bengali fish curry too.

Turmeric – It is a golden-coloured spice with excellent flavour that can complement a variety of foods.

The bottom line

Fish curries are not only part of Bengali cuisine but they are a part of Indian cuisine. If you want to make authentic Bengali fish curry or macherjhol easily, then you must use Sunrise Macherjhol masala powder. It will provide you with the best taste and traditional flavours of Bengali macherjhol. If you are a hygiene freak, still sunrise masalas are your best choice because they are untouched by hands.