Scrumptious & Sumptuous Dhaba Style Dum Aloo with Sunrise Aloo Dum Masala Powder

The core of the dish

Dum Aloo or Aloo Dum is one of the most famous dishes of India. ‘’Aloo’’ means potato in English and ‘’Dum’’ refers to the cooking procedure which means cooking slowly. So, in Dum Aloo we get a slow-cooked curry dish which is potato-based. You can even make Dum Aloo in different styles.

This dish was invented in the valley of Kashmir for the first time. However, this is not a part of Kashmiri Muslim cuisine but a traditional dish of Kashmiri pandit cuisine. People from different states of India adapted this traditional Kashmiri recipe and created different variations of it according to their convenience. Dhada style Dum Aloo is a variant of this traditional recipe. Here, we will take a look at how to make it easier.

Let’s take a look at the delicious Dhaba style Dum Aloo recipe with Sunrise Aloo Dum Masala powder

Dhaba style Dum Aloo is a rich and creamy potato-based curry that is a little bit different from other Dum Aloo recipes. Dhaba style Dum Aloo can be a perfect partner of naan, roti, paratha or jeera rice. The gravy contains deep flavours of Aloo Dum masala and a taste of tomato and onion. Baby potatoes or new potatoes are perfect for the Dum Aloo recipe.

Aloo Dum masala lessen your work by combining all the important spices in one packet. First deep fry baby potatoes in mustard oil with salt, pepper and turmeric and set them aside.  After that make a tomato, garlic and onion-based gravy, then add the perfect blend of sunrise Aloo Dum masala to bring fragrance and taste. Now cover it with a lid and let the potatoes cook on low heat. You can add fresh cream and coriander leaves at the end to give your touch of taste. Serve this delicious creamy Dhaba style Dum Aloo with roti, naan or jeera rice to fulfil your craving.

How many types of Dum Aloo we can find?

As we have already mentioned, the Dum Aloo recipe was originated in the valley of Kashmir. However, every state of India has their version of Dum Aloo. Dhaba style Dum Aloo is mainly a Punjabi style recipe of Aloo Dum. Rich, creamy and loaded with spices. The speciality of Kashmiri Dum Aloo is the usage of Kashmiri red chilli and the bright red colour of the dish. Bengalis and Banarasis also have their variation of Dum Aloo. The base of the recipe is almost the same for all variations. Sunrise Aloo Dum Masala powder is suitable for every variation of Dum Aloo.

Ingredients of “Sunrise Aloo Dum Masala’’

Sunrise Aloo Dum Masala powder is made by mixing different exotic spices. Sunrise uses only the best quality whole spices for Aloo Dum masala. They have combined traditional flavours carefully with some non-traditional Dum Aloo spices to give that extra flavour to your Dum Aloo. It is made of 15 types of different spices which we are going to mention below.

  1. Coriander seeds – It has an aniseed flavour which is important for Dum Aloo. Coriander is a traditional spice for this recipe. Sunrise uses the best quality coriander seeds for the best flavour.

  2. Red chilli – Red chilli is an inseparable part of Indian cuisine. We all want to eat a bit of spicy food but not too spicy. It also provides a beautiful spicy aroma to your dish. You wouldn’t have to add chilli to your dish because sunrise Aloo Dum masala already has it.

  3. Turmeric – It provides a rich yellow colour to our food. Turmeric is also known for its anti-bacterial properties. Sunrise uses only the best turmeric which contains the compound called curcumin. It is very beneficial for our health.

  4. Bay leaf – It is a traditional Dum Aloo spice. People add it first in oil to flavour the oil. It has a very subtle aroma. You can skip the first part of adding bay leaf in oil as Sunrise already has it in Aloo Dum masala.

  5. Dried mango or Amchur – Dried mango or Amchur is a well-known Indian spice. It is a dried powder of raw mango. Dried mango powder is sour and gives Dum Aloo a light sour taste as well as fragrance.

  6. Ginger flakes – Dried ginger has a different flavour from fresh ginger. It adds different flavours to your dish.

  7. Cumin seeds – Cumin has an earthy flavour. It is a traditional Dum Aloo spice and very important to give the dish a depth of flavours.

  8. Fenugreek seeds – Fenugreek is not a common spice for Dum Aloo. Sunrise has added a limited amount of fenugreek in Dum Aloo masala to give your dish an exotic taste.

  9. Green cardamom – It adds the known flavour of garam masala to your dish.