Restaurant-style Home Made Biryani – Cook With Sunrise Biryani & Pulav Masala Powder

Introduction to the happiness

Biryani is a favourite dish of every south Asian. It is very famous in India, Bangladesh and also in Pakistan. Biryani was originated in India for the first time. It is a part of the tradition of the Muslim cuisines of India. The main ingredient of biryani is rice, meat and spices. People use different types of meats to make biryani.

In India, people usually use chicken, goat, or lamb to make biriyani. Some people also like to experiment with biryani by adding seafood, prawn or fish into it. You can also get biryani with vegetables and eggs depending on your need.

What is the easiest way to make biryani with sunrise biryani & pulav masala powder?

Biryani making is a complicated procedure and people needs the skill to measure the amounts of spices to get the perfect flavour. However, things get a lot easier if you use Sunrise biryani & pulav masala. Sunrise has already made the masala perfect and you can also get the biryani recipe behind the packet of sunrise masala. You can follow that exact procedure and make restaurant like biryani at home easily.

How many types of Biryanis are there?

Biryani has different variations based on different cities of India. For example, different type of famous Indian biryanis is Hyderabadi biryani, Kolkata biryani, Sindhi biryani, chettinad biryani, Kachchhi biryani, pakki biryani, etc. You can also get variations of Biryani outside India. All biryanis are kind of the same and use same almost the same spices. Their preparation method and some ingredients are different. For example, you will get a touch of South Indian spices like curry leaf is Hyderabadi biryani. Kolkata biryani adds potato.

Ingredients of Sunrise biryani and pulao masala powder –

Sunrise has blended several spices in perfect amount to make perfectly flavourful biryani and pulav masala. Biryani and pulav are two different types of dishes. You can use this spice blend for both. Sunrise has made this blended spice carefully so that it can balance flavour in both dishes and give them a perfect taste. Sunrise also chooses the best quality whole spices to provide authentic taste and flavour. Their procedure of making blended spices is very hygienic and maintains all food safety standards. Below, we will mention the specific spices which sunrise uses to make Biryani And Pulao Masala Powder.

Coriander seeds – Coriander is an authentic Indian spice that is important for almost every Indian dish. Coriander seeds have an aniseed flavour. It helps to balance other earthy flavours of spices.

Turmeric– It provides an amazing yellow colour which is important in Indian food. It also has anti-bacterial properties which can prevent and cure multiple diseases.

Brown cardamom – Brown or black cardamom is bigger than green cardamoms. It has a different flavour which adds depth to the spice blend.

Black pepper – It is one of the basic Indian spices. We mainly use black pepper for seasoning our food. However, black pepper has a very unique aroma. You can get both aroma and spiciness of black pepper in Sunrise biryani & pulav masala powder.

Cassia leaf – This is an exotic spice that is present in almost every Sunrise spice blend. It has a deep earthy flavour.

Cinnamon – A must-have spice in biryani masala and also a member of the garam masala family. We all know the rich and sweet aroma of cinnamon which complements both sweet and savoury dishes.

Red Chilli Powder – It adds soul to the biryani spice blend. Indian dishes are less impressive without a touch of red chilli powder. Sunrise has balanced the spiciness to make it suitable for everyone.

Clove – Clove is another member of the garam masala family. It is a dried flower with a beautiful fragrance.

Green cardamom – Green cardamom is a very important spice for many Indian dishes. It is important for both pulav and biryani both. Green cardamom is also one of the main spices of garam masala.

Fenugreek leaf – People usually do not use fenugreek or fenugreek leaf in Biryani or pulao. However, sunrise has added fenugreek leaf in their spice blend as a secret ingredient to give it the perfect personal touch.

Mace – Mace is the outer cover of Nutmeg. It is a bright orange coloured spice with an exotic aroma. It is used in a dried form.

Star anise – Star anise looks like a flower and has a deep aniseed flavour. Sunrise use a little amount of Star anise in the spice blend as it is very strong and it can overpower other spices very easily.

Nutmeg – Nutmeg is last but not the least. It is not only important for Indian cuisine but continental cuisines too. Nutmeg is a seed and we need to dry it out before using it.