PanchPhoron- 5 Flavorful Spices Blend Masala Mix

PanchPhoron or Panch masala or Panchphutana is a blend of five aromatic spices widely used in the Eastern Indian cuisine. This five-spice mixture is one of the essential spice blends which is used in Bengali cuisine. There are many Bengali recipes in which panchphoron is included. This spice blend looks very attractive and colourful which is made of four aromatic spices and one legume.

About PanchPhoron

In the Bengali language, the term panch means five and phoron mean tempering. So the five aromatic spices are fried in hot oil till they crackle. While frying these spices, they release their essential oils, flavoured aroma, and adding the Sunrise Panchphoron will blend up the dish and take it to another level.

What does PanchPhoron consist of?

  • Cumin Seed
  • Brown mustard seed
  • Fenugreek seed
  • Nigella
  • Fennel

The spices are left whole, and it depends on how they are being used and are either dry-roasted or fried in oil to coax out their pungent flavours.

The Five Spices of PanchPhoron

Let us discuss the five spices of panchphoron, and they are as follows:

  • Cumin Seeds (Jeera)

    They have a strong earthy aroma and a faint bitterness. When you roast or fry them its flavours and aroma, then it becomes more distinct. Its presence is felt very clearly in any dish where cumin seeds are one of the main ingredients or spices that are used. Apart from their nutty taste when fried or roasted, they are extensively used in Indian cuisine because of their digestive property.

  • Nigella Seeds ( Kalonji)

    These tiny black seeds have a warm onion-like aroma and are slightly sweet- bitter. When Nigella seeds are roasted or fried in oil, the aroma that wafts in the air is very distinct and piquant. These seeds alone can be used while tempering in many recipes. They are included for their unique aroma and taste in stir-fries, naan bread, and lentils.

  • Mustard Seeds ( Sarson)

    Mustard seeds get a nutty aroma and flavour when fried in hot oil. The pungency of raw mustard gives away to a crisp and nutty-tasting seed when fried. Mustard seeds are used in Indian food, especially in South Indian cuisine. For panchphoron, you will be needing black or brown mustard seeds and not yellow colour seeds. The black mustard seeds have a more intense flavour compared to yellow mustard seeds, which are milder.

  • Fennel Seeds ( Saunf)

    These fragrant seeds are used as a digestive and mouth freshener after having lunch or dinner. These greenish colour seeds have a floral fragrance and sweetish taste. In any recipe, if you add fennel seed, then it does leave its mark. The dish will have the aroma, as well as sweetish presence, felt in.

  • Fenugreek Seeds (Methi)

    The small and yet potent with bitter taste are aromatic fenugreek seeds.These are not seeds, but lentils come from legume plants. Fenugreek seeds also have many health benefits. While adding in any dish, add a pinch so that the dish doesn’t become bitter. It is said that too many fenugreek seeds can make the dish taste bitter. Methi seeds are mostly used in pickling.