Mustard Powder – One Product Many Dishes

Mustard seeds are one of the popularly used seasonings in Indian cuisine. These small seeds are stored with flavour and have a pungent smell. The popular way of imparting mustard in many culinary dishes is in powder form known as Mustard Powder. Thus mustard powder is also known as ‘Sorshe Guro’ in Bengali, ‘Sarson ka Powder’ in Hindi and ‘Avala Podi’ in Telugu. It occurs from either brown or black mustard seeds. Compared to all the mustard seeds, it has a strong smell, and it is also very helpful and nutritious for our health.

What is Mustard Powder?

The mustard powder is prepared by roasting the mustard seeds and grinding them in fine powder. It also has some variation, like the black mustard powder from black mustard seeds, and it has more pendency than white mustard powder made with brown or yellow mustard seed. It is also said that ground mustard powder is a vintage ingredient as it can be added to most food.

Different Dishes made with Mustard Powder:

  • Fish in Bengali Mustard Sauce or Sorshe diye Maacher Jhaal

    The fish in Bengali Mustard Sauce or Shorshe diye Macher Jhaal is one of the popular iconic Bengal cuisines. Though the dish is regular and daily made in Bengali homes, and what makes it unique is the use of fresh Sunrise Mustard Powder. Almost all kinds of fish can be cooked with mustard powder, but some of the most common ones go very well are rohu fish, bata fish, bhetki, small tilapia and pabda.

  • Aubergines cooked with mustard or Shorshe Begun

    As the winter is coming, the curry that will warm up the senses and bring much-needed comfort is Shorshe Begun is from east of India. It is creamy, light and full of flavour. The pungent flavour of Sunrise Mustard Powder works heavenly in curry, especially aubergine’s. It is not only a delicious addition to the Indian recipe, and it also holds its shape, which is well soaked in all the flavours of spices in the Indian gravy.

  • Chicken in Mustard Sauce or Shorshe Murgi

    Shorshe Murgi is called Mustard Chicken. It is one of the oldest chicken preparation from rural Bengal, which is becoming extinct in the path of modern cooking. It is cooked using mustard powder and mustard oil. The bold pungent touch of mustard is balanced with the heat from fresh green chilli and a mild touch of coconut milk.  This chicken is traditionally cooked in a ‘maatir haari’, which enhances the flavour of mustard.

  • Mixed Vegetable or Shukto

    Shukto or mixed vegetable is an age-old traditional recipe, and it is believed to have its heritage in Portuguese cuisine. Bengalis love to have Shukto, and no vegetarian meal is needed to complete it with. The dish can be termed as a very interesting vegetable medley which is cooked with mustard powder. It is also called Sattvic Ahar, and it is offered during pujas as the dish is made up without onion and garlic.

  • Hilsa Fish in Mustard Sauce or Shorshe Ilish

    Shorshe Ilish is a classic Bengal fish curry made with Hilsa fish cooked with Sunrise Mustard Powder. Hilsa or Ilish is known as the queen of fish which is very tasty and rich fish. This is not like other fish which are available all the year. This fish is only found in the monsoon season. The most important ingredient to prepare this dish is mustard powder, and a combination of green chillies and mustard oil with Hilsa goes amazing and bring a very distinct flavour.

  • Prawn mustard curry or doi Sorshe Chingri

    This dish is a comforting, delicious prawn curry made in creamy mustard gravy. This simple recipe of prawns in mustard sauce goes well with hot steamed rice. It is a popular Bengal recipe where fresh prawns are marinated in turmeric and chilli powder and then cooked with mustard powder. A few simple ingredients go with the dish, but it makes the gravy extremely flavourful. So make doi Shorshe chingri for your weekend lunch.

  • Ladyfinger in mustard sauce or Shorshe Dharosh

    For many Bengali, ladyfingers are not their favourite dish. This recipe of ladyfinger fried and coated in a mildly pungent sauce made with mustard powder and is one of the best ways to eat ‘Dharosh’. The trick is to fry the okra on high heat until it is quite brown, cook the mustard sauce separately, and add the fried Dharosh in the end. Serve the dish with dal and hot plain rice.

The very smell of Sunrise Mustard Powder infused dishes which can make us drool. Especially on cold days, nothing can beat us the experience of having mustard prawns or vegetables. This wonderful ingredient can stimulate your appetite by lifting the flavour of your food. Stay healthy and enjoy deliciously good food with the incredible mustard powder.