Everything You Need to Know About Shorshe Posto

Bengal is known for numerous things; one of the most essential of them all is food. People of Bengal are food enthusiasts and love every cuisine they come across. Bengali food is at the top of everyone’s cuisine list due to its flavour, mix of spices, and more. One of the most lip-smacking ingredients that you can come across that is used in multiple dishes is shorshe posto.

People in numerous dishes use it due to its easy availability, abundant usage aspects, and several health benefits. Hence, go through everything you need to know about shorshe posto as mentioned below.

Ingredients to make Shorshe Posto

Creating it is not that hard but might be a time-consuming task. To create this powdered mixture, you will need access to two ingredients that are mustard and poppy seeds. Roasting and grinding these two and mixing them will get you the most aromatic powdered form of mustard and poppy seeds. The powdered mustard will offer a strong aroma mixed with powdered poppy seeds to smoothen it out. You can also make it in a paste form if that’s what is required.

However, if you ever want to avoid such hectic work and still want the essential taste of a homemade mustard-poppy seeds mixture, all you need is to get a packet of Sunrise Shorshe Posto. It will contain the mix in powdered form and will offer the same flavour as a homemade one. All a person needs, is to mix it with water and use it.

Note: Sunrise Packet Shorshe Posto is tastier than homemade ones as it doesn’t contain an outer coating/layer of mustard seeds.

Uses of Shorshe Posto

This mix can be used for quite a few dishes, be it a vegetarian or non-vegetarian dish. It is an integral ingredient that is used in a Bengali dish. It can be used for a variety of veg dishes that include:

  • Shorshe Posto Potol
  • Aloo Jhinge Shorshe Posto
  • Dharosh Shorshe Posto

These three are the primary vegetarian dishes where a mixture of mustard and poppy seeds is used. However, when it comes to non-vegetarian dishes, the usage number increases to infinity. Some of the most delicious dishes that are created using this mixture include:

  • Chingri Shorshe Posto
  • Fish (Ilish, Parshe, Talapia, Vetki, and more) Shorshe Posto
  • Chicken Shorshe Posto

Apart from these, people make more than a few special dishes using this concoction of mustard and poppy seeds. However, before you prepare a dish with this mixture, ensure that you or anyone who will consume the food is not allergic to shorshe posto.

Health benefits of consuming Shorshe Posto

There are several health benefits that an individual who consumes this moderately over a period can enjoy. Some such benefits consist of:

Weight loss

One of the reasons people consume this mixture is due to the weight loss benefit that it adds to one’s diet. Mustard seeds will aid in losing weight due to a phytonutrient that can be found in them. This nutrient has fat-burning elements and is the reason for mustard’s unique taste.

May help with pain relief

Poppy plants comprise codeine and morphine and several other alkaloids ideal for calming, pain-relieving, and inducing sleep. Frequently, these properties are found in several medicines which are prescribed to people. Having shorshe posto might induce such relief when a person needs it.

Helps with digestion

Poppy seeds are known for their rich fibre content responsible for reducing constipation and improving gut health. It also promotes digestion, research of which can be found easily on the internet.

Helps in boosting immunity

Both mustard and poppy seeds have rich nutrients and more, responsible for improving an individual’s immunities. These seeds are rich in copper, iron, manganese, etc. that help a body fight various diseases by increasing immune power.

Improves skin and heart health

While mustard seeds contain Omega-3 fatty acids, sulphur, and more poppy seeds contain polyunsaturated fats; these are responsible for keeping a healthy heart and improving skin quality. Also, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties ensure protection against common skin problems like fungal growth, rashes, etc.

Now you are aware of everything you need to know about shorshe posto; be its ingredients for it, which dish is ideally suited for it, and the health benefits of moderately consuming this concoction when used in a dish; however, if you don’t have time to create this mixture at home, get the Sunrise Shorshe Posto packet, a better option for your busy lives! Use the Sunrise concoction packet yourself and observe the delicious dish it can aid in making.