Add Sunrise Chaat Masala & Never Eat Another Boring Fruit Salad Again


Fruits are an important part of our daily diet. Eating fruits raw is the best option to get all the nutrients. Thus, fruit salad is the best way to eat fruit. Mainly fruits and sweet and very few of them are sour. Maximum people don’t like to eat fruit as they like meat. It is especially challenging for children. Parents need to work hard to make their kids eat fruits. Fruits salad can also be boring for adults.

As we all know, it is nothing but a combination of different fruits. However, you can make your fruit salad tasty with the help of Sunrise chaat masala. Many people are not fans of sweetness and this is perfect for them. Sunrise Chaat Masala can give your fruit salad an exotic taste with a punch of tangy, salty and spiciness.

An interesting recipe of fruit salad using Sunrise Chaat Masala

Salad is not always an interesting recipe for everyone. Many of us consume it just because we need it in our daily diet. However, that is not the case with children. It is very hard to make them consume fruits. If you can make things a little be interesting then they will be willing to eat them. Just not only children but we adults will be delighted too if our fruit salad starts to taste good. People will be able to follow a healthy diet easily and it will make their health better.  Fruit salad is a combination of different beneficial fruits.

You can choose fruits for your salad according to your taste and convenience. Seasonal and local fruits are best for making fruit salads. If you are a fan of berries then you can make a mixed berry salad. For a mixed berry salad, you can use different types of berries. For example, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, etc. Cut strawberries into two pieces to make them the same size as other berries. Add them to a bowl. You can make a dressing using vinegar. However, that is not very healthy so skip it for your good. Instead, add a dash of Sunrise Chaat Masala to your salad. Mix well to get the perfect balance of sweet, sour and spice. A simple sprinkle can make your fruit salad a lot better. If it is summertime then you can add mangoes, papayas, watermelons, kiwis and bananas along with berries. If you want to eat a single fruit then just dice it and sprinkle Sunrise Chaat Masala and you are good to go.

Different types of fruit salads

Salads are referred to a mixture of different raw vegetables or fruits. However, you can find a salad with meats and fish too. Fruit salads can be made differently. To consume in dessert, many people add sour cream or whipped cream in a fruit salad to make it tasty.

Ingredients of Sunrise Chaat Masala

Sunrise Chaat Masala is not only important for fruit salad but any kind of Chaat. It has all those spices which you will need for a Chaat. Now, you don’t have to gather different ingredients. Just grab a packet of Sunrise Chaat masala to make your Chaat. Below, we will discuss the different spices of Sunrise Chaat masala.

Dried mango powder – Sunrise choose the best quality raw mangoes which are tangy in taste. Dry them and add them in Chaat masala for a tangy taste. It also gives a beautiful aroma of raw mango.

Cumin – This is very important for not only fruit salads but all Chaats.

Dried mint – Dried mint powder is used for freshness and aroma.

Dried Ginger – Ginger is well known for making your digestion better. Along with that, it adds a beautiful flavour.

Chilli – A must-have ingredient for any Chaat. It helps to cut the sweetness of fruits.

Compounded Asafoetida – Hing is a well-known spice in south Asian cuisine. It has a strong aroma. Balance the earthiness of cumin and give an aniseed flavour.

Black salt – It helps to cut the sweetness to fruits in a fruit salad. Black salt is an important ingredient of Chaat.

Final thoughts

Fruits are one of the most beneficial ingredients for us. If you are on a diet then you won’t be able to make it without fruits. They are packed with natural sugars, vitamins and nutrients. Mixing different types of fruits in a fruit salad helps you to get different types of nutrients. As we know, berries are filled with antioxidants and Vitamin C, while we can get potassium from bananas. Sunrise Chaat masala helps you to get rid of the boring taste of fruits. It is blended with different spices and gives you a perfectly balanced crunchy, creamy, tangy, sweet and salty fruit salad.