A Contemporary Twist to Meat Curry with Sunrise Meat Masala Powder

Ecstasy of the preparation

Nothing can match up the ecstasy of a lazy Sunday, pleasant weather and sumptuous lunch. This lunch menu has a mandatory Mutton delicacy like Mutton Kasha. Your mouth is watering, isn’t it? Although the fact is that one does not need any occasion and rather can build one by celebrating each day with healthy and tasty Mutton curry.

Mutton kasha has a long history and is a well-known Bengali delicacy. However, the human nature of inquisitiveness has always led to innovation and the introduction of new stuff. Likewise, to break the monotony of regular mutton curry, try out the new Sunrise Meat Masala Powder to bring out a new flavour to your old recipe.

Magic of adding Sunrise Meat Masala into your regular recipe

Mutton curry is super easy to prepare and you just need to give it the required time. The first and foremost step is to clean the meat pieces well in running water. However, remember, mutton has fibres that can turn stiff if exposed to water for a prolonged period. For the best taste of mutton curry, try choosing Rewaji Mutton with juicy and moistened flesh content in it.

SUNRISE Meat Masala is a quick and easy way to make a peppery, savoury, and delectable meat dish. Meat masala can be smeared into mutton as a dusty particle blend or mixed with grease to form a slurry that encases the flesh more effectively. Alternatively, you can add the meat masala to the gravy after adding the boiled mutton and stir the gravy well.  So, you don’t have to wait long for the marination of the meat and tenderise it. Some people also use papaya (raw) as a catalyst for meat tenderisation.

Cooking the best curry is all about time investment and management. Here is a list of steps to follow to prepare meat in the blink of time.

  1. Take the necessary amount of mustard oil in a pan and warm it. Add whole garam masala- an aromatic assortment of ground spices obtained in Indian cuisine, usually comprising black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves. Also, add bay leaves (2-3 pieces) to the mixture and saute for 2-3 minutes.

  2. Add chopped onions to the pan and again saute the mixture for another 2-3 minutes till the onions get golden colouration. Now, add garlic paste followed by ginger paste to the pan. You can directly use Sunrise ginger-garlic paste for ease. Heat the blend well till a maximum of 2 minutes. Add tomato paste or puree to the pan. Remember, the measurement of all the above-mentioned ingredients vary with the quantity of the meat.

  3. Many people add green chilli paste to the gravy to get a spicy taste. However, it is not mandatory and depends on one’s desired zest. If you skip or keep the part, thumbs up for both! No problem, proceed with adding turmeric powder followed by red chilli powder that will also add a spicy taste to your recipe. Put in salt for taste and cook the mixture well for the next 2 to 3 minutes.

  4. Add the boiled pieces of mutton to the pan, cook the blend well. Add coriander powder, cumin powder and keep stirring for 5 minutes to simmer the same.

  5. Add the mutton stock to the pan in the mixture. Though it is not compulsory to add stock, you can even use normal water, depending on your choice. Cook for another 5 minutes. For betterment, cover the pan with a lid while letting it boil.

  6. After that, put in a few spoons of yoghurt into the pan and a pinch of Sunrise Meat Masala for taste and again stir the mixture for another 5 minutes.

  7. Add some amount of chopped coriander for garnishing but it is not obligatory. Other alternatives like onion rings, and a few green chillies to decorate your mutton curry.

  8. Your mutton kasha or curry is now all set. You can keep the preparation dry or gravy and enjoy it warm with white rice. You can also consume it with roti or bread as per your preference.

Plenty of alternative cooking methods are also available and you might also discover new recipes using Sunrise Meat Masala Powder. Try out the contemporary twist in the flavour of the traditional taste of mutton curry with this amazing culinary tool. The biggest perk of introducing meat masala powder to your kitchen is the time-saving cooking and amazing flavour of the meat.

Take away

Sunrise Meat Masala powder is a modern solution to all your non-veg culinary problems. In precise, this powder can be also used in the preparation of other delicacies like egg curry, fish items and so on. Try out the small sachet of new meat masala powder today to experience contemporary meat flavour.