Turmeric Powder

Turmeric Powder

Available Packs

10gm, 50gm (Pouch & Box), 200gm (Pouch & Box), 500gm, 1kg, 5kg (Bag), 30kg (Bag)

Know your spice:

  • Want a dash of colour in the dish that you're cooking up?
  • Need a base note for your preferred flavour profile? One that is mild and will help bring out the other aromas?
  • How about adding a little pinch of immunity-boosting goodness?

Reach for that turmeric.

Its golden-yellow colour, warm, distinctively earthy flavour and proven anti-bacterial and healing properties tick all the boxes.

Whole or ground, fresh or dried, turmeric’s many properties have made it an essential of basic as well as well-stocked kitchens across the world.

Add in the religious and ritualistic significance it enjoys across India, and you know why vernacular words for this spice (haldi or holud, to name two), pop up in folk songs and folklore, not to mention traditions.

No wonder, then, that this happy-coloured spice with a glow like that of the sun, is one of the only three kitchen ingredients (others being salt and ginger) used by more than 95 per cent of the population in India.

The SUNRISE advantage

We are the only company that uses a mechanized process to peel turmeric skin.

Quick Nutrition Facts

Parameters 70.58g
Calcium 170.8mg
Cholesterol < 1 mg
Crude Fibre 4.07gm
Energy 357.68 KCal
Fat 4.12gm