Pappadoms (Papads)

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Know your snack:

  • Disc-shaped cracker-like crisps, that are delicious, fried or roasted.
  • Accompaniment to a meal, ingredient in a dish as well as a wholesome snack in its own right.
  • The first thing that is served, along with a minty dip and a mango chutney, at curry-houses across the western world.
Pappadoms (Papads)

A quick-fix snack that can be dressed up easily with simple dips, chutneys or wet salads, papad is another quintessentially Indian food that straddles the categories of snack, food and accompaniment. Usually made of different lentil flours, it's also a guilt-free snack, provided you roast them.

Our array of papad varieties, made from different lentil flours and seasoned with different spices, can accompany your every mood or culinary requirement.

The SUNRISE advantage

Loved all over the country, and actually, all over the world, papad from Bikaner in Rajashan is especially famous because these are made from moth lentil, which grows only in the deserts of Bikaner and Jodhpur. Sunrise papads carry the very essence of Bikaner, and are sold under the brand Mewaram's, as Mewaram's Bikaneri Papad.

Quick Nutrition Facts

Parameters Nutritional Info. per 100 g Approx.
Carbohydrate 70.58 g