Mustard Powder

Mustard Powder

Available Packs

14gm, 40gm, 250gm (Box), 14.4kg (Bag)

Know your spice:

  • A uniquely piquant pungency.
  • Strongly flavoured, yet generous and accommodating in various combinations.
  • A home-grown medicine for muscle pain, rheumatism and arthritic pain.

Must-have mustard is what we are talking about.

Recipes using mustard have been found in Roman archaeological sites dating back to the 4th century AD and evidence of its use has been found in the even-older Indus Valley civilisation.

Whole, ground or as a dry powder, mustard lends its flavourful heat to a range of dishes as varied in taste as they are in geography. Used whole as an aromatic in almost all stir-fries and curries in the Western and Southern parts of the subcontinent, as a paste to make our very own "shorshe ilish" (mustard hilsa) in Bengal and Bangladesh, as a powder or sauce to spice up salads, cold cuts as well as roast meats in the West, mustard does it all.

The SUNRISE advantage

Our mustard powder does not contain the outer coating, and is therefore more yellow, thanks to indigenous innovation by our enterprising research team.

Quick Nutrition Facts

Carbohydrate 14.36 g
Calcium 123.8 mg
Cholesterol < 1mg
Crude Fibre 4.21 g
Energy 578.86 KCal
Fat 46.81 g