Over a century ago, in 1902, Pandit Ishwari Prasad Sharma, a modest businessman, decided to invest in making and selling spices in Kolkata. His insistence on quality ensured growing popularity and demand. Enthused by this, his son, Pandit Mewaram Sharma, worked tirelessly to further expand the business. The third generation, Om Prakash Sharma, Ram Prakash Sharma and Satya Prakash Sharma, sons of Pandit Mewaram Sharma, continued the growth trajectory by creating the SUNRISE brand in the 1950s under the aegis of a partnership company.

After a couple of decades, the partnership made way for Sunrise Foods Pvt Ltd – one of the biggest success stories in family-run businesses and a trusted household name across the country.

From a modest home-grown venture to a New Age company with cutting-edge production units, state-of-the-art machinery and path-breaking research and development tools, the SUNRISE journey is the stuff of not only stories, but of legend.