Fennel Saunf

Fennel Saunf

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50gm, 100gm

Know your spice:

  • A crunchy and slightly sweet seed that has been part of culinary traditions across the world across the ages.
  • An integral part of Indian cuisine, it is one of the most essential spices in Kashmiri Pandit and Gujarati cooking and an ingredient in paanch phoron, the quintessential Bengali spice mix.
  • It is most commonly used in India as a digestive and as a mouth freshener.

We are speaking of saunf or fennel. Ayurveda says that the practice of having fennel after a meal was not just because of its refreshing and mouth freshening properties, but because it has a host of health benefits, primarily to do with digestion.

A fact that the world is waking up to – good news for India as we are the largest exporter of fennel in the world.

So whether you want to try that exotic Mediterranean dish that uses tablespoons of fennel, or that delicious Kashmiri dish or just for its refreshing taste, cut open a sachet of our Whole Saunf and dish up that amazing freshness.