Black Pepper

Black Pepper

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Know your spice:

  • Bite in your breakfast bowl.
  • Warmth in your winter stews.
  • A citizen's tax, a queen's dowry and a kingdom's ransom.

That's power-packed pepper for you.

Its punchy pungency, along with its distinctive flavour, makes it the preferred 'heat' ingredient worldwide.

Good news for us in India, since we are the world's largest producer as well as exporter of the spice.

Pepper has always enjoyed a precious position - history tells us that in 410 A.D, when Rome was besieged by the Huns, 3000 pounds of pepper was demanded as ransom.

Whole, crushed or ground, fresh or dried, pepper's popularity as a kitchen staple remains undiminished.

Our offerings

Available in two varieties, whole and ground.

Quick Nutrition Facts

Carbohydrate 36.06g
Calcium 200.2mg
Cholesterol < 1mg
Crude Fibre 21.89g
Energy 333.38 KCal
Fat 14.07g