Black Cumin - Kala Jeera

Black Cumin - Kala Jeera

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Know your spice:

  • One of the easiest and tastiest ingredients that can spice up any dish.
  • Known as the "seed of blessing", it is considered to possess the most number of healing properties.
  • A potent seed with an aroma that is a combination of onion, black pepper and oregano.

Kala jeera or kalonji seeds are often confused with black sesame seeds because of their similar appearance, but one whiff will set even a layman straight.

Onion seeds or nigella seeds are often used to flavour bread products in the west, while in india, particularly in Bengal, it is popular both as a standalone spice and also as a part of paanch phoron.

This is as compatible with vegetarian dishes as with fish preparations. Temper the blandest vegetable with a combination of onion seeds and garlic, and marvel at the difference.